One of the youngest kittens of the tribe. On Broadway he started off as two separate characters, but Carbucketty was booted out to make room for Mungojerrie. As his Broadway/video name suggests, he cannot sit still. He is friends with the other kittens such as Tumblebrutus and Jemima. Carbucketty in the London show is identical to Pouncival on the video. Both Carbucketty and Pouncival looked similar to the above picture in the original Broadway show, but nearer the end of the run on Broadway Pouncival was brown with an orange, fox-like face. In the original London production there were four nameless kittens, but Carbucketty is listed separately, suggesting that he used to be an adult. In the video he is attracted to Bombalurina, but there is no evidence of it in the London show. Carbuckety, T.S.Eliot's spelling, is "a knock-about cat" and Pouncival "was chosen for its Morte d'Arthur flavour".